Theives Rob $400 from Sciences

By Denebola
Published: November 2007
By Noa Belfer
Thieves recently stole the Science Team of approximately $400 that would have funded the club’s trips and meetings.
The team made the money selling safety goggles. Originally purchased by chemistry teacher Alan Crosby, the goggles were sold at a higher price to help fund the club.
On that same day, $290 was stolen from Water Aid International (WAI). The WAI money was kept in the same room.
“It never ceases to amaze me when something like this happens,” Crosby said.
Dr. Madhumita Bhattacharya, who had been in charge of WAI’s funds, was also upset by the theft.
“I was feeling very guilty that I hadn’t taken better care of it [the money],” Bhattacharya said.
Although South housemasters immediately informed the police of the robbery, they have not found the thieves.
“I mean, Science team [money] is for our own purposes, but Water Aid International is helping other people,” Science team captain Nicole Repina said. “So seriously, who would [steal the money]? It’s just horrible.
The money that WAI raises helps provide people in developing countries with clean water supplies.
The Science team responded to the theft by holding various other fundraisers to cover the costs of what was lost. In two recent fundraisers, they sold light bulbs and Halloween candy in an attempt to replace the money.
Science Team funding helps students afford the club; if the club did not raise money, students would have to pay to attend meetings and trips. By raising their own money, the club becomes available to students that might otherwise be unable to participate. This year, more than 40 students are involved in Science team. Should Science team be unable to make back the lost money, some of those students might have to reconsider their involvement in the club.
To help get rid of extraneous costs, the team opted to use public transportation to reach their last meet at Newton North. By walking and taking public buses instead of hiring a bus of their own, they saved $250. Nonetheless, the club has not paid the debts from the theft.

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