The “Big Three” turn Celtic’s bad fortune around

By Denebola
Published: November 2007
By Max Pava
The Boston Celtics are arguably the best basketball franchise of all time, and, one could argue, they are the best professional sports franchise of all time.
It’s a shame that none of us at Newton South were blessed enough to watch greats like Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, and Larry Bird run the C’s with pride and glory. Instead, we have been forced to watch players like Mark Blount drop every pass coming his way and watch general manager Danny Ainge throw $15 million at the 6 foot 9 inch oaf that is Brian Scalabrine.
I could go on for hours about all of the awful moves and wasted draft picks the Celtics have pursued, but instead, I feel I should point out that after a 21-year drought, the Celtics are once again contenders in the NBA.
This past off-season, the Celtics acquired two multi-time all stars in Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. It’s about time that Paul Pierce has some support that isn’t injury prone, over priced, and can’t defend, cough..cough Wally Szczerbiak.
Actually, I probably shouldn’t single out Wally because this has been our first promising off-season since 1986, when our number 1 draft pick, Lenny Bias, tragically died at 22-years old.
Since then bad luck and bad scouting has landed us pure mediocrity. Let’s review: the 1997 NBA draft lottery where ping-pong balls, yes, ping pong balls took Tim Duncan away from the Celtics.
At least with the third pick we could figure something out, but our genius coach of the time, Rick Pitino, decided to get rid of Chauncey Billups for players such as Kenny Anderson, Zan Tabak, and Popeye Jones. Well, at least they all sounded like a bunch of winners.
Now what about the year the Green had three first round draft picks. That did indeed sound promising. With these three picks in 2001, we decided to take Joe Johnson, who we would later trade for Tony Delk and the 255 pound Rodney Rodgers, as well as picking Kedrick Brown and Joseph Forte instead of Tony Parker, and here it comes, Gilbert Arenas.
Once again in May 2007, the ping-pong balls did not go our way, landing us the 5th pick in the draft. On draft night, the Celtics made their first blockbuster move, acquiring sharpshooter Ray Allen and the 35th pick, for Delonte West, Wally Szczerbiak, and our 5th pick. Many of my friends were trying to tell me that we should have taken Yi Jianlin.
I wanted to punch all of these friends in the face. Besides Oden and Durant, there was no one in that draft who would have benefited the Celtics more than Ray Allen. For all of those who would have picked Yi, wow, you guys were right, his breath taking three-point performance in his first exhibition game was extraordinary. His studly defensive tactics also landed him on the bench after fouling out in 15 minutes.
To put this team all together, Ainge pulled a few strings, eventually getting 10-time all star K.G for Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, the unproven Gerald Green, the old expiring contract in Theo Ratliff, and the recently-arrested Sebastian Telfair. If people could realize that Boston only gave up three worthy players for Garnett, then they would realize that the C’s organization actually knew what they were doing.
With the new big three, and role players such as Rajan Rondo, Kendrick Perkins, and James Posey, the Celtics are the clear favorite to run away with the Atlantic division and possibly the Eastern conference. With a few changes such as getting rid of Doc Rivers as soon as possible, the Green will be bringing back the glory to Boston.

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