Salzer Visits China for Global Education

By Denebola
Published: November 2007
By David Han
To enhance Newton South’s relationship with the China Exchange Program, Principal Brian Salzer is currently visiting schools in China for the past weeks.
Salzer hopes to meet with all the various schools that have taken part in exchange programs with South.
“I think it is important to go and share this commitment in person. It will demonstrate respect for the people and the program,” Salzer said.
Salzer will return from China on November 25.
In accordance to his global education initiatives for the year, Salzer believes it necessary to “nurture relationships with schools in other countries.”
“As personnel changes continue through the years, the program must survive and receive the commitment and energy of the new global leaders,” Salzer said. “It is my hope that¦we will design ways to build and enrich an already successful program.”
The China Exchange Program supported a portion of the trip’s cost, while Salzer assumed the remainder of the expenses.
Although no South faculty members joined Salzer in China, Bigelow Middle School science teacher George Swift is taking part in the visit.
“With the two of us going, it will open the discussion to a K-12 focus rather than just South,” Salzer said. “This program is built on a citywide commitment to the relationship.”
Salzer participated in the Prague Spring program last year, and hopes to participate in a different global education program each year. His future plans include taking part in next year’s Nicaragua Community Service program.
During his leave, Assistant Principal Mary Scott will act as South principal.
To celebrate South’s trip to China, South held a raffle on November 13 for his parking space. The raffle was initially planned to take place during the Halloween Dance but was postponed until the school-day after.
“Apparently, there was a football game at the same time and so a large number of Seniors and others could not attend,” Scott said. “Class officers were concerned that the dance would not be able to take in enough to cover expenses and so decided to cancel.”
Tickets sold for 50 cents, and the profits will go to the senior class.

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