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Let’s all just shred together

Posted By Denebola On November 21, 2007 @ 5:00 pm In Editorials and Opinions | Comments Disabled

By Harrison Goldberg
Everyday, people go through life making arguments, sometimes consciously and other times subconsciously. Whether to drink coffee or tea, eat pizza or a calzone, take chemistry or biology, drive or ride a bike. These arguments are more like choices, but it only seems this way because they occur every single day.
There are many arguments involved in such a broad topic. Which sport has a more rebellious crowd? Which sport is more in style? Which sport causes more damage to the slopes? These arguments cause skiers and snowboarders to ignore all of their similarities and focus solely on what makes them different. Yet it is critical for the continued progression and survival of both sports that skiers and snowboarders get along.
Skiing and snowboarding are fundamentally the same sport. Both skis and snowboards, while being very different in shape, are made of the same materials and designed to slide on top snow and ice. Skiers and snowboarders can both conquer the same terrain whether it’s a 14,000-foot peak or a 30-foot rail.
Since the birth of the sport, snowboarding was forced to revolutionize quickly to keep up with the monster industry of skiing and gain respect on the hill. Snowboarding has come at least as far in the last 10 years as skiing has come since the beginning of the sport.
To keep up, skiing was forced to progress technologically, stylistically, and culturally. This sudden and rapid progression has caused skiers and snowboarders to become far more critical of one and other as they battle for “king of the hill.”
Skiing and snowboarding are widely accepted by pop culture, but people must still question which one is actually more socially desirable. Snowboarders most definitely brought style to the snow, something skiers have always been lacking. Before snowboarders, there were neon jumpsuits.
This is not to say, however, that skiers don’t also have style on the snow. Snowboarders may have brought it, but skiers have kept up with the times. Dress is just one aspect of style.
Regardless of dress code, there is a basic level of dislike between skiers and snowboarders. Skiing is a much older sport than snowboarding. For this reason, there are many more adult skiers than there are adult snowboarders. While this statistic is changing with the aging of the sport, it is clear that snowboarding is viewed as juvenile.
This is where the most common misconception about snowboarders comes from: All snowboarders are young renegades who cut you and your children off, board into you, and ruin the snow.
This fallacy causes the greatest rift between skiers and snowboarders.
“Disrespectful juvenile snowboarders” are often associated with ruining the snow on trails. Ruining terrain can mean two different things: covering a trail in moguls or pushing all the snow off leaving ice. Snowboarders complain that skiers make moguls and skiers say that snowboarders push all the snow off the trail.
To make the argument that skiing is better than snowboarding, or vice versa, is ridiculous. For every inconsiderate snowboarder, there is an equally inconsiderate skier. For every slow annoying skier, there is the equivalent snowboarder. If one sport were to be illuminated it is clear that the other would slowly but surely die out due to lack of competition.
Skiing and snowboarding have a symbiotic relationship. One sport feeds the other. Snowboarders make skiers stay current with the time, and skiers help fuel snowboarders desire to push ahead and lead the sport to a new level. Skiers and snowboarders should all get along with one and other.
Whether it is because we get the same amazing adrenaline rush every time we step into our gear, or because we share the same glorious, boundless, breath taking landscapes, skiers and snowboarders have it all.

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