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Less than picture perfect

By Denebola
Published: November 2007

A high school yearbook is about memories. It is an outlet for students, especially seniors,
to show themselves as they were in high school, to leave a mark so that they and their peers can, as adults, look back on themselves and recall who they were and how much they have changed. Yet this year, there is a serious obstacle to true self-expression in the yearbook owing to the monopoly of the photography company, Prestige Portraits, over senior portraits.
In previous years, seniors were offered the option of using photos taken by the designated company or submitting their own photos. This year, however, the second option does not exist.
Seniors must either choose and submit a photo takenov by Prestige Portraits, or not be in the yearbook at all. This seems like a rather severe choice, especially for those who either do not like the Prestige photos or would rather take their own.
Prestige Portraits is actually new to Newton South this year and was chosen as the school’s photography company because they take all photos (of superlatives, candids, athletics, performances, etc) as well as senior portraits, rendering the yearbook staff’s job much easier. While this service is convenient, convenience seems a small price to pay for a yearbook in which students can remember themselves exactly as they wish.

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