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From the big screen to the classroom

Posted By Denebola On November 21, 2007 @ 8:00 am In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

By Nicole Repina
The Newton South Film Club is a rapidly growing collective of those who appreciate the fine art of movie-making. Started by senior Jimmy Geilfuss in 2005, it has become a haven for film enthusiasts.
Although there are approximately ten permanent members in the club, the club is flexible and many people come and go.
Each year, the club has met every Monday J-Block in David Weintraub’s room. President Patrick McSherry and curator Dan Ferm, lead discussions about movies, and this year they plan to create a movie of their own.
The club has viewed a wide variety of movies, from Dawn of the Dead to early David Lynch movies. The club prides themselves on selecting the obscure and the interesting.
“It varies, honestly,” said junior member Max Alper [of the selection of movies the film clubs watches]. “We do screen a lot of artsy sophisticated films, but we also watch anti-communist horror movies from the 1950s.”
By watching movies of different genres and from various time periods, the members gain exposure to many different styles and filming techniques. After watching a movie, the club discusses which parts they liked or disliked and why.
“It’s a social experience and if something is on your mind about a certain aspect of the film, we invite people to talk about it,” said Alper. Though it takes a long time to finish a movie, the members particularly enjoy analyzing the film and are “enthusiastic about the experience,” according to Weintraub.
This year, the club has begun to more actively exploring the film culture and filmmaking.
“Two guys bring in camcorders, we split up into two groups, and in forty-five minutes we write, film, and edit (on the camera, not computers) short films,” explained Alper. “We’ve had absurd movies about gangsta board games in bathroom stalls, but we’ve also had silent movies focusing on cinematography, mainly. It all varies.”
Though it has only recently started creating these movies, Alper hopes that the club will start to do it more often. Since the creation of the club, members have expanded from mere viewing to actual creation of film. They have been striving to understand the medium as a form of expression.
“We compose skits and use cameras as a paintbrush,” said Weintraub. The club produces imaginative films, which helps the members understand and perceive space and all of the meticulous processes that go into filmmaking.
So keep an anxious eye out for a taste of the Film Club’s short films, as you never know which of your peers may be the next famous visionary director.

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