Faculty Focus (Meaghan McCormick)

By Denebola
Published: November 2007
By Laura Glick and Claire PezzaThird year Newton South teacher Meaghan McCormick loves running, reading, the Red Sox, and, above all, teaching. Her adoration for her students is apparent in their numerous posters, pictures, and stories that litter every wall in her classroom.
The excitement and constant passion that she has for English and education has rubbed off on each one of her students. “Normally people aren’t excited to come to school in the morning but having Ms. McCormick A block makes me have more energy,” junior Bridget Dahlberg said.
McCormick was born in Springfield, MA and grew up in the nearby town of Longmeadow where she attended Longmeadow High School. McCormick feels that the reason she can connect with her students so well is because of her own high school experience. “I am still really close with my friends in high school. I loved it which is probably why I wanted to teach high school students,” McCormick said.
Raised Irish Catholic, she has always stayed close with her parents and younger brother. She was elated when her brother followed in her footsteps, joining her at Middlebury College.
Inspired by her Irish heritage, McCormick studied abroad in Ireland during her junior year at college. “It was one of the best experiences of my life; the people in Ireland are so kind, caring, and fun-loving,” McCormick said. Through her experience in Ireland, she learned about the way the rest of the world view the United States through American literature.
Growing up near the Basketball Hall of Fame, it was inevitable that she would play sports. McCormick received three varsity letters in soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. However, her love for lacrosse continued at Middlebury College where she played varsity women’s lacrosse.
Her love for sports has continued on through her teaching career as well. She recently ran the Boston Marathon with her father, a prominent lawyer in Western Massachusetts.
In addition to being an athlete and an exceptional collegiate student, she was the student elected advisor to the Middlebury English department.
McCormick continued her education and attended the University of Virginia for graduate school. She went on to student teach in a rural area of Virginia. McCormick jokes that her students in Virginia did not appreciate the Red Sox enough so she had to return to her home state to teach.
In the near future, McCormick plans to receive her doctorate at Boston University and run another marathon. She continuously strives to achieve her full potential both inside and outside the classroom.

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