Barack in Boston

By Denebola
Published: November 2007

By Nathan Yeo
When Shana Hausman’s family took a trip to Chicago this past summer, the Newton North senior decided she did not want to just see the sights. He attended “Obama Camp, a two-day crash course in political organizing for Illinois Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.
At Obama Camp, Hausman and other high school students from around the country learned how to work phone banks, canvass voters, and recruit other volunteers. Hausman thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
“I’m glad I did it, she said. Hausman did, however, learn how difficult the job of a campaign worker can be. “When you are phone banking, you get hung up on a lot, she said.
While Camp Obama is located in Chicago, the Obama ’08 campaign is recruiting Massachusetts residents, especially students, to volunteer. At a rally in Boston Common on October 23, Senator Obama encouraged Bostonians to volunteer for his presidential campaign in the key primary state of New Hampshire.
Obama said he hopes that an influx of young, energized volunteers from Massachusetts can help push him above Senator Hillary Clinton of New York, who leads in New Hampshire by around 10 percentage points, according to the latest polls.
Some students at Newton South have also considered joining the Obama campaign like senior Ben Tabb who said he was too busy to volunteer now, but might consider it if Obama wins the primary.
Obama used the opportunity to deliver a standard campaign speech. In it he decried the War in Iraq and politics of President George Bush, but also sounded a hopeful vision for America’s future.
“I want a country that is measured not by its fear but by its courage, he said.
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick spoke in support of Obama at the rally. He said that Obama would be the only presidential candidate to bring change to Washington.
“We don’t just need a Democrat, we need a leader, Patrick said.
Many of those who attended the rally were impressed with Barack Obama. Cambridge pesident Susan Jones said she likes Senator Obama’s charisma and the potential for change he brings. Jones was still undecided between Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton.
Bahil Farah, a Somali immigrant who recently gained his citizenship said he likes Obama a lot.
“I think he is very nice and is looking forward, Farah said. He is especially interested Obama’s African heritage. Farah said he thinks an ObamaAdministration would help Africa fight poverty and disease.
Yet, not everybody at the rally supported Senator Obama however. “There’s a lot people don’t know about Ron Paul, Paul supporter Bob French said.
French highlighted Paul’s plans to reduce the deficit and withdraw immediately from Iraq. French and other Paul supporters carried signs and chanted Ron Paul’s name in hopes of convertingsome Obama supporters.

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