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October 2007 Issue

Art Focus: Justin Danforth

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Anna Dynkin“I get goose bumps before every show, senior and South stage participant Justin Danforth said of his stage fright. “I don't get the bad kind, where I freeze up in front of everybody. They're excitement goose bumps! Danforth became involved in acting at the beginning of his freshman year, after he saw his friends perform in the Freshman Play, and decided to give theater a try. His first play was The Laramie Project in which he played a teenager convicted of Matthew Shepherd's murder. Danforth's repertoire of South Stage shows includes the improv show, one-act Goodbye to the Clown, Metamorphoses, and The Heidi Chronicles.

Send the media to rehab

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Shakti NochurEvery time I go to check my e-mail, the first thing that catches my eye on the Yahoo! Homepage is the latest gossip about Britney Spears at the VMAs or Lindsay Lohan coming out of rehab for the 18 th time. Do I find it amusing? Yes. Is it kind of sad? Yeah. But what's even sadder is that more people know about Paris Hilton going to Rwanda than they do about what actually happened during the Rwandan genocide, or for that matter, the genocide in Darfur today. Pop culture has taken over the news to the extent that often, any random person on the street will know ten times more about the latest Hollywood divorce than they do about our government.

Sports Spotlight : Josh Belowich and Chris Chung

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Mark GarrityIt has been a great season all around for the golf team. The team finished the season with an 11-7 record, an improvement from last year's 8-7-1 effort. Some of this success has been because of senior captains, Josh Belowich and Chris Chung. Both golfers have been on varsity since their freshman year. Mike Fleming, the team's coach, has been influential in both of these player's games. Both have high praise for Fleming.

Drawing from a desire to pursue art

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Kyra ShishkoFirst semester of senior year is characterized by the chaotic mess that college stirs up. A diverse portfolio is more important for a select few, however, than a polished essay and GPA. The ultimate goal for these seniors is art school. There are many artistically talented seniors, from ones who make an array of stained glass pieces to those who live and breathe photography to some who concentrate soley on oil paintings.

In the Time of the Butterflies

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Jennifer Lee In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez shadows four Dominican sisters suffering under their dictator, Trujillo's, political oppression and harsh cruelty. The sisters become underground resistance workers known as Las Mariposas, or “The Butterflies. Giving hope to the oppressed Dominicans in their darkest hours, the sisters become a symbol of defiance and bravery. Though not “suspenseful in the sense of a thriller, complete with murdering psychopaths and screaming teenage girls, In the Time of the Butterflies offers another more subtle, yet still relentlessly driving, sense of suspense. Because the sisters chose to forsake safe and happy family lives in the pursuit of freedom, their lives hang in a delicate balance.

The African Union struggles to gain credibility

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Alex Tolkin80 years ago, poet Marcus Garvey wrote of a united Africa with a strong presence in the world. Despite repeated efforts to push Africa in this direction, little progress has been made. The continent still faces tremendous challenges.Most recently, the Organization of African States was renamed the African Union (AU) in an attempt to reform the institution and create a viable organization to help the continent. Unfortunately, the AU still faces tremendous hurdles on its path to becoming a significant force in Africa. The AU's success or failure in addressing these challenges such as war, poverty, and disease, will be critical not only for its own future, but also for the future off the entire continent.

View from the Top

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Natalie Starkey and Stephanie SullivanSo this is finally our turn to be on top, and let us tell you, it's great. For those of you who don't already know us, our names are Stephanie and Natalie. You know, those girls you see in the halls who seem to be attached at the hips. We have spent three long years working our way up and now, with great pleasure, we get to tell you all how it should be done. To the class of 2011, this is where it all begins. We know, you're excited. You're finally out of middle school and playing with the big kids. While you may think you know everything there is to know, we have a few words of wisdom for you.

Laptops à la carte

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Antoine GuillaumeSpeaking before the National Governors Association a couple of years ago, chairman of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates, called the American high school obsolete. “Training the work force of tomorrow with the high schools of today is like trying to teach kids about today's computers on a 50-year-old mainframe. To remedy this problem he encouraged the introduction of modern technology to high-school classrooms.

Sox knock off Angels, head to the “Mistake By The Lake”

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Andrew KlegmanAs Red Sox relief pitcher Eric Gagne induced the final out in game three of the American League Division Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Angels, the Red Sox made history in the Major League Baseball playoffs. Not only had the Red Sox swept the Angels in three games, but they had also become the third team in the 2007 playoffs to do so. On the previous day, October 6, both the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies swept their series against the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies, respectively. The Sox's victory marked the first time in MLB playoff history that three teams had swept their first round series in the same year.

Candidates vie for Aldermen seats

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Christopher ErspamerThe residents of Newton will vote on November 6 to determine the membership of the Board of Aldermen and the School Committee for the next two years. Although all 24 seats of the Board of Aldermen and the entire eight-member School Committee are up for election, most incumbent candidates are running unopposed. Only seven seats are contested for these elections. Aldermen-at-large Ben Weisbuch of Ward 1 and Richard Lipof of Ward 8 both have announced that they would not seek reelection this fall, and their wards are undergoing intense races between several different candidates. Carleton Merrill, the other Ward 1 Alderman-at-large, is facing three different challengers. Allan Ciccone Jr., Janet Sterman and Al Cecchinelli, are all ahead of Merrill, leaving him hard-pressed to retain his seat for another term.

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