Thank you, Steve

By Alex Schneider
Published: October 2007

By Alex Schneider

After over 30 years working at Seacoast Media Group in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Stephen LaBranche has chosen to take an early retirement.

“The relationship Denebola made with Steve LaBranche was incredible, Denebola Editor-in-Chief Emeritus and member of the Class of 2007, Hisham Bedri, said. “Personally, I knew him as a man who wouldn’t rest until every detail was perfect and everyone was satisfied. Denebola will miss being able to work with someone so caring and committed.
Bedri’s co-editor, Elizabeth Pezza, shares similar sentiment.

“Steve was great because he treated us as if we were a professional paper even though we’re in high school. This really gave us a boost in our motivation and work ethic, Pezza said.

Over the past decade, LaBranche has helped Denebola staff members adapt to new technologies, such as two layout programs, Pagemaker and InDesign, and the photo editing software, Photoshop. Denebola contracted out its printing services to Seacoast Media Group since 2000.
LaBranche worked as the Commercial Print Manager at Seacoast for more than a decade. Before that, he served for 13 years as Computer Systems Manager and seven years as Production Operations Manager.

Last March, Seacoast Newspapers moved from Stratham, New Hampshire to Portsmouth, and took on the name of Seacoast Media Group. The printer now uses a state-of-the-art printing press.

“Steve was the best printer I ever met, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus and member of the Class of 2006, Vanessa Friedman, said. “He was always so funny and helpful and he was conveniently located near a fabulous restaurant in New Hampshire – what more could you ask for?
George Abbott White, advisor to Denebola, sees LaBranche as a fellow teacher.

“I have always thought of him as a colleague in the richest and most imaginative sense of the word. He has all the qualities great teaching demands: infinite patience, mastery of detail, respect for process, and deep care for his students, White said. “I wish my grandfather, who was a printer, were alive to shake his hand.

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