Rallying towards new spirit

By Denebola
Published: October 2007
By David HanSouth Principal, Brian Salzer, hopes to raise school spirit at tomorrow’s pep rally.
Many students feel that past rallies did not grab their attention, leading to disinterest.
“Most people had ear-buds in their ears the entire time,” sophomore William Lind said.
Some students understood, however, that the outcomes of previous pep rallies would inevitably be less-than-ideal.
“I think that Mr. Salzer is doing a good job to try to get everyone involved, but just because of the low spirit of the school it’s kind of hard,” junior Linus Kuo said.
To counter this mindset, Salzer began projects to raise spirit such as painting a new such as painting a new mural and putting quotes on the wall.
“That’s kind of a starting point and, of course, we want to continue
building the momentum from the pep rally last year, and make it even
more fun this year and try to get more school spirit,” Salzer said.
On the schedule of the upcoming pep rally, South’s Cheerleading Squad
will perform a new routine.
“We’re not supposed to talk about it, but it’s going to be good,”
cheerleader and junior Tanicia Drigo said. “Since the season started,
we have been putting together a routine for not just pep rallies but
for other stuff too,”
The squad hopes that spirit will help South during sports games and
“Basically, all the games [in which] we have had more people and more
cheerers, we have been winning more, so if more people join in, then
we will all be better,” freshman cheerleader Cassey Henk said.
Along with the cheerleaders, the Step Squad will present their new routine.
“We incorporated a bunch of new moves into our routine. Definitely,
this year’s pep rally will be much better than last year’s,” step
squad member and senior Chanel Jones said.
During the rally, the class of 2010 plans to announce the replacement
for the cancelled Sophomore Sleepover.
The Class Officers emphasize that they did not intentionally discard
the primary plan of the Sophomore Sleepover.
“It wasn’t our decision to cancel the Sleepover. If we had the
decision to keep it or to plan something new, we would have kept it,”
sophomore Class Officer Liza Barnes said.
“It got really complicated,” sophomore Class Officer Kerry Fleming
said. “Things just started getting in the way so we decided, for the
benefit of the grade. We thought this would be the best decision,”
The Officers all agreed the replacement would exceed the expectations
the Sophomore Sleepover provided. “It’s a lot better,” sophomore Class
President Dan Salter said.
“Most people have never been to a place like this before. So it will
be a new, fun experience,” Barnes said.

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