Plucking to success

By Denebola
Published: October 2007
By Nathan YeoFor every student who has ever passed through the hallway connecting
the library area to Cutler, senior Gabe Hirshfeld is probably a
familiar sight. He stands in the hallway and strums a banjo, adding
his cheerful notes to the chatter of passing time.
What many people do not know is that Hirshfeld is a highly talented
banjo player who competes at a very high level. He recently won the
Lowell Banjo and Fiddle Championship, a competition of around 100
skillful banjo and fiddle players from all around New England.
Hirshfeld credits his win to his choice of song at the tournament.
“I thought I did pretty well, but there were better people there,” he
said. “They chose to play more modern songs.” Hirshfeld chose instead
to play a traditional song, which turned out to be what the judges
Hirshfeld has been playing the banjo for four years now. He had tried
several instruments before and could not get into one. One day he
heard the banjo on the radio and said, “why not?”
Hirshfeld says he likes to play in the hallway just because he likes
his instrument. “I do it because I enjoy playing, and I want as much
time to practice as possible,” he said.

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