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Opposing Viewpoint: A perfect SAT score: Priceless

By Denebola
Published: October 2007
By Sarah McIntoshCollege applications are all about standing out from the group and making the most of your opportunities, and if a slightly higher SAT score can make that difference, then SAT prep is definitely a reasonable option. Like on most standardized tests, rich Caucasians generally perform better than their peers on the SATs.While this is indicative of a larger societal problem– bad public education– it would be extremely unfair to not allow SAT prep, even considering the fact that the top-scoring group consists of the people most likely to participate in an SAT course.SAT prep is not very different than taking a practice SAT book out of the local library. When push comes to shove, it is pretty much like your parents paying someone to help you take practice SATs. While SAT prep is expensive and often limited to the wealthy, it would be more logical to spread the practice and give students the same opportunities than to attempt to curb the practice here.Considering that universities are becoming significantly more competitive, there is no shame in SAT prep. Our generation is part of a demographic boom, meaning there are more applicants for any given spot at a college.

More generous financial aid policies at major colleges have allowed more economically diverse members of the population to attend. A larger portion of the population attends college today than ever before due to the necessity of a college degree in modern society.

All of these new variables mean that competition for spots at top universities has become even more intense, especially among kids from a similar educational background. Furthermore, these universities expect miracles from students with opportunities, like those here at Newton South. Students in less fortunate schools, however, are held to a lower standard. The pressure is on, and the SAT courses are just the beginning.

It is true that colleges expect us to make the most of our opportunities, and to take full advantage of what was given to us. Taking SAT prep courses is dong just that. While these opportunities most likely have little to do with our personal worthiness, we’d be fools not to use them.

In life there will always be others that have advantages because of their economic status. You may be smarter or more capable but others with more available resources may come out on top. For instance, imagine the polar opposite of the acclaimed movie,

The Pursuit of Happiness . In the picture, Will Smith overcomes great economic obstacles to become the successful, self-made man he is today. Great story. The other 98% of the time, it is not necessarily the person who puts in the most time or effort it is the person with the most money.

As unfair as it may be, money buys advantages, and advantages get you places in life. One big advantage money can buy is SAT prep, which can result in a score that will greatly impact the rest of your life.

There are many ways in which SAT prep courses are a bad thing, a sign of all that is wrong with the college admissions process. Colleges are so competitive and expect so much from students who go to good schools, that prep courses are necessary in order to reach your college potential.


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