Newton’s hidden gem

By Julia Fernandez
Published: October 2007

Newton Centre is already a haven for boutiques, restaurants, and banks. Secondhand stores such as the Finer Consigner and youth-oriented stores like National Jean Co. with pizza, ice cream, and Thai food. But one store stands out from all the others, a jewelry store, Bead & Pearl, hidden in the heart of Newton Centre.

This tiny, upscale bead and accessory boutique in Piccadilly Square should certainly not be overlooked. Founded in 2005 by Kinga Zielinska and a few friends, Bead & Pearl offers a unique selection of beads. Bead & Pearl carries Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones, as well as vintage, silver, and gold beads and charms. They also sell already-made jewelry by national designers and home décor garnishes.

The atmosphere is stylish, exotic, and fun. Pristine white walls and soft Putumayo music add to the feeling of walking into another world. The sales staff is attentive without being cloying. Although some of the merchandise is a bit pricey, the beads’ quality and uniqueness makes up for it. Zielinska finds beads from all over the world, from China to Czech Republic.

The store was founded due to Zielinska’s love of traveling and learning about different cultures. “There’s a lot of history and travel involved with beads, she said. The most popular beads among customers are silver ones that Zielinska acquired from Thailand.

When she was younger, Zielinska’s hobby was, unsurprisingly, beading. She first learned from her sister, but has learned even more since starting Bead & Pearl. In order to spread her knowledge, Zielinska offers jewelry making classes at Bead & Pearl, from beginners to more advanced jewelry makers. If you aren’t already interested in beading, one look at any if the exquisite pieces in this boutique will certainly pique your interest.Some of the classes offered include stringing techniques, crocheting with wire, wire wrapping, making chain mail jewelry, and pearl knotting with silk. A two-hour class runs from $40 to $80, including materials and tools.

One of the most popular services that this boutique offers is jewelry repair. For $25 to $45 an hour, not including materials, Bead & Pearl will repair your beloved baubles by the next day. That’s right, one business day and your favorite Jasmine Sola necklace is back to its funky, shiny, happy glory. Or, if you lack manual dexterity, Bead & Pearl will transform the tiny objects of fantasy sold there into custom-made, wearable jewelry.

Also, if you have multiple friends who are interested in making their own jewelry, consider an in-store Beading Party. It’s a great idea for a birthday celebration or just a fun weekend activity.

To Zielinska, customer service is her number one priority. Sales staff pride themselves on listening to customers’ needs and doing their best to accommodate them. If you need help designing something or are searching for a particular bead, just ask and they are sure to be of assistance. You can also sign up for their mailing list in the store or at their website, www.beadandpearl.com.

So, next time you’re in Newton Centre and looking for something to do consider Bead & Pearl. Located in Piccadilly Square in Newton Centre, across the street from the Bank of America, it’s the perfect place for those who love to bead or just love jewelry.

See www.beadandpearl.com

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