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Is the reign of the book over?

Posted By Denebola On October 25, 2007 @ 8:00 pm In Book Review | Comments Disabled

By Hye-Jung YangTraditionally, students would find information for school assignments through books; however, with the advent of the internet and personal computers, the face of research has changed entirely. Many teachers are currently cutting down on the use of the internet for research for essays and projects. Instead, they require a specific number of book sources.
Sites such as the free online encyclopedia, http://Wikipedia.org, are said to be unreliable among the teaching community because articles can be written and edited by anyone.
Regardless, many South students still prefer the internet to books, finding it reliable and more efficient than books for their purposes. “I like the internet better because you have so much information at your fingertips that’s easy to look through, whereas in books, you must go through the table of contents, skim through the chapter, and possibly look through many different books and not find what you need, freshman Bianca Ho said.
Although researching on the internet can be easier than searching for topic-relevant books in a library, the millions of people accessing the internet on a constant basis can provide chances for writers to publish false information. The false information often found on the internet can be detrimental to the learning experience of students.
“Books are definitely more rewarding [than the internet] because you know that the information is correct, and though it may not be easier, it definitely seems like more of a [safe result], an anonymous junior said.
Plagiarism can also be a main deterrent for teachers allowing students to use internet for school research. Due to the plethora of websites the internet has to offer, it is easy for students to copy an article or essay from any part of the internet and hand it in as their own.
While there are plagiarism-detection services, such as http://Turnitin.com, some schools lack the money and resources to invest in such services.
In addition to preferring the reliability of using books over the internet, some students also feel that looking things up in books and encyclopedias is beneficial to the researcher. The latter method helps to teach good skills for searching for information, and how to apply the gathered knowledge to the final essay or project.
While books may be more reliable as sources, it is hard for busy South students to find time to visit the library and do research in this manner. Instead, researching via the internet is quicker and more instantly satisfying.
The problem with unreliable internet sources and lack of time for book research, however, can be solved simultaneously. “We’ve gotten a lot more databases, and we also have e-books available to students that can be reached from their homes, South librarian Dorothy McQuillan said. “They make project research much more convenient.

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