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By Denebola
Published: October 2007
By Ben SeiferIn elementary and middle school, the goal of physical education was to give us regular physical activity. It also allowed us to release all the built up energy we had accumulated sitting through Writers Workshop and Social Studies.
Face it, it is nearly impossible for even the most well behaved ten-year-old to sit still for an entire school day.
As high school students, we are supposed to have more control than this; being able to sit and listen all day should come easily to the mature young adults we are.
I may have become taller, maybe even smarter, in the last six years, but the fidgety, off-the-wall kid has never left me. I see it in my classmates as well. Wringing stress balls, leg bouncing, and doodling are all ways in which students deal with the sedentary life of high school.
Some students can handle the surplus energy better than others, but it is inevitable that at some point during the school day, students will give in and simply just stop paying attention, and nobody wants that. The junior and senior wellness electives are the solution to this dilemma.
Juniors and seniors not only have the opportunity to burn off all of their excess energy twice a week, they also have the choice of how they wish to do so. Cardio, global games, and yoga are just some of the options at your disposal.
Whether you pick centered self or resistance training, it ultimately has the same effect; it gets your mind off the classroom, puts your energy to work and at the same time pumps or meditates any stress you may have out of your system.
“Centered self is very relaxing, and I always feel more concentrated afterward,” junior Sarah Fitzpatrick said.
Besides the mental benefits, the junior and senior wellness electives accomplish what the wellness department originally intended to do: keep kids healthy. Although the class can only meet two times a week, electives targeting single aspects of physical fitness encourage students to continue their training throughout the week.
“It’s a great way for me to have time throughout the busy week to work out; it also supplements my other workouts,” junior Dan Marks said.
At this point in our lives, we, for the most part, know our strengths and weaknesses. Upperclassmen are generally reluctant to try new things because they think: “If I haven’t tried it in the last sixteen years, there must be a reason for it.”
For example, recreational sports started the curriculum with tennis, something I have never really done. I have been surrounded by tennis my entire life, had every opportunity to try it, but for some reason or another decided the occasional ping-pong game would suffice. In class, I acquired a new appreciation and enjoyment of the sport, something I never thought I would have.
The wellness electives bring back the good days of snack time and recess. Past all the Honors and Advanced Placement classes, the SAT prep and the admissions process, there is still the energetic kid in all of us that needs to be let out every now and then.

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