Faculty Focus: Charles Petrizzi

By Denebola
Published: October 2007
By Ariel KirshenbaumEven as a child, Charles Petrizzi enjoyed helping students learn math. Already a master of addition, subtraction, and multiplication by second grade, he taught himself division by realizing that it was simply the opposite of multiplication.
His smart and selfless attitude continued when, as a junior in a senior calculus class at Marshfield High School he offered his time to tutor fellow classmates for free.
Yet, Petrizzi’s talents were not limited to math. He excelled in music as well and made the all-states band all four years of high school playing the clarinet, traveling with them as they toured China and Russia.
Petrizzi is a passionate and determined individual in all aspects of his busy life. In addition to being a prominent math teacher at South, he is a father to four children, from an infant to a ten-year-old. The newest addition to the family, his four-month-old daughter, was born at the end of last school year.
According to Petrizzi, “she is very interactive and her older siblings absolutely love her. At the end of a long week of teaching, Petrizzi tries to leave early on Friday afternoons to start his weekend, which is “devoted to family time.
In addition, Petrizzi leads the successful math team at South. Earlier this year, the team ranked third out of thirteen schools during their first competition.
Despite a very busy life outside of school, Mr. Petrizzi remains dedicated to his students. They can rely on Petrizzi for help whenever it is needed. His J-Blocks, which he holds all three days, are often busy with students either studying or just seeking a word from the wise.
“Not only is Mr. Petrizzi an excellent teacher, but he also takes time to personally get to know his students. This makes his class all the more enjoyable because he doesn’t talk down to us, he respects us, like peers an anonymous student said.
Petrizzi enjoys working at the high school level because he likes teenagers and “loves to see students succeed. “The most rewarding part of teaching for me is when a student who has been struggling, finally understands a concept, and I can see their confidence rise, Petrizzi said.
Petrizzi also makes a strong effort to make discussions curriculum-appropriate and relevant for all his students. “He sets a friendly tone in the classroom so you automatically feel comfortable, sophomore Yelly Malinsky said.
According to another anonymous student, “He has a knack for motivating his students. You see how hard he is working, and it makes you want to try hard yourself.
Petrizzi also holds high regard for South and all of its teachers. “The collaboration amongst the math teachers is excellent, he said. “This results in better teachers.
No one can argue against a teacher who is completely devoted to the success of his students, both inside and outside of the classroom.
Mr. Petrizzi provides a great support for his students. Petrizzi really wants to see everyone do well and he’ll go above and beyond to do whatever he can do to help.
“He is passionate about what he teaches. There’s not much more you can ask for from a teacher, Malinsky said.

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