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Drawing from a desire to pursue art

Posted By Denebola On October 25, 2007 @ 10:00 pm In Arts and Entertainment | Comments Disabled

By Kyra ShishkoFirst semester of senior year is characterized by the chaotic mess that college stirs up. A diverse portfolio is more important for a select few, however, than a polished essay and GPA. The ultimate goal for these seniors is art school.
There are many artistically talented seniors, from ones who make an array of stained glass pieces to those who live and breathe photography to some who concentrate soley on oil paintings.

Being talented is not the only factor in deciding whether or not one applies to art school.
Senior Emma O’Leary knows the stress of applying to art school. “People sometimes don’t understand how stressful the application process is,” O’Leary said. “The assumption is that art is easier than regular homework, and that art schools are usually more lax about analyzing grades.”
O’Leary’s application process, however, is anything but “lax.” Throughout high school, O’Leary has taken a diverse combinattion of studio- art classes and painting classes. Currently she is taking AP Studio Art, which culminates in a College Board evaluation of a portfolio of her year’s work.
“I personally chose to apply to art scchool because I’ve known for a few years that Art is what I want to pursue,” she explained. “Plus, I know I wouldn’t be happy at a more traditional school. Even a liberal arts school is too well-rounded for me. I need something more pinpointed, more specific.” Her impressive resume, however, does not relieve the amount of work she must put into her applications.
“Building and presenting your portfolio is the most pivotal part of the process. Most schools requre between eight to twenty pieces of work,” O’Leary said.
“It’s different because even though the SATs and GPA matter, the thing that tips the scale is the portfolio. It’s really difficult because on top of your other work you have to worry about creating a really stellar collection of art. It cannot be sloppy.”
O’Leary plans to apply to Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). RISD is her first choice. “Providence is a really excellent city, and RISD itself has some really excellent teachers, facilities, and opportunities,” she said. “I also fell in love with RISD when I did a summer program there.”
This year, senior Emily Walsh is taking fourth-year photography and AP Studio Art. Additionally, she is a work-study student for the photo darkroom, requiring her to set up the darkroom before school. Walsh has taken every photo class and studio art class offered at South, yet she has no desire to apply to art school.
“I don’t want to be an artist,” Walsh said. “Art is my hobby, and it is something i’m really passionate about, something that I’m interested in, but not something that I want to make a career out of. I have a lot of other interests as well, and I want to go to school to learn about those things.”
Walsh has instead opted for small liberal arts schools such as Bard and Vassar, where she can pursue her hobby as an artist, but still recieve a degree in another field.
While the application process drags on for both, O’Leary and Walsh continue to work on their portfolios and enjoy senior year.

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