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Angels Fall

By Denebola
Published: October 2007
By Jessica DuffFor me to want to read a mystery novel (or in this case a “suspense/thriller), the book must have at least one of two things. First, an interesting plot. Who would want to read a boring book? Secondly, if the main character is entertaining enough, I find a good character can keep even a second-rate plot going.
Fortunately for me, Angels Fall by Nora Roberts had fulfilled both of my little requirements and kept me enthralled for a week. I stayed up late and only got three hours of sleep finishing the last of the 444 pages’€the end was great.
At the beginning, Angels Fall moves a bit slowly but the main character Reece Gilmore (no, not as in Gilmore Girls) keeps the story alive with the mystery of her past, her phobia-ridden, neurotic personality, and her struggles to make sense of the brutal murders that she witnesses on the onset of the novel. Reece’s growth as a person, through her relationships and friendships, makes it easy to relate to her.
The plot follows a violent murder story, so if that kind of thing (guns, stalkers, etc.) gives you nightmares, Angels Fall is not for you. If you like small-town murder/romance-type novels however, Angels Fall would be a great read for you.

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