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A spontaneous start for South Stage

By Denebola
Published: October 2007
By Jessica JohnstoneThe Improvisational Show at Newton South has long served as a kick-off for the highly anticipated South Stage season. This year’s show, A Day in Your Life, directed by Molly Martin, was no exception.
The lights came up on Newton South’s first production of the year, as seven cast members played a short game called “Do Run Run, which involved singing and rhyming that the actors made up on the spot based on audience input. In the next game, “Podium, a cast member, playing a fictional character, argued their stance on a certain issue, such as why befriending vegetables is a good idea.
Members of the audience then asked the character questions in hopes of making him or her stumble or respond with “yes or “no, and thus lose the game. During the next game, “Foreign Film, the audience yelled out a language they wanted the players to speak, and then the players acted a story out in the selected language while translators on the sidelines gave their own translation as to what the players were saying.
One night, for example, the story narrated in the fictional “Ubbie-Dubbie, told of a person who ate a scalding hot iron lasagna, and had a vat of acid poured on top of him.
The final games were the popular “Dating Game, “Ding, and “Half Life. To conclude the night, the cast selected an audience member and reenacted his or her day. This was a ten minute sketch chronicling, and exaggerating the events of this person’s day and provided a great close to the evening.
Throughout the entire show, the cast members performed with grace, humor, and unlimited stores of energy. Each game brought with it a new twist that made the audience eager to hear more.

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