October 2007 Issue

Opposing Viewpoint: A perfect SAT score: Priceless

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Sarah McIntoshCollege applications are all about standing out from the group and making the most of your opportunities, and if a slightly higher SAT score can make that difference, then SAT prep is definitely a reasonable option. Like on most standardized tests, rich Caucasians generally perform better than their peers on the SATs.While this is indicative of a larger societal problem-- bad public education-- it would be extremely unfair to not allow SAT prep, even considering the fact that the top-scoring group consists of the people most likely to participate in an SAT course.

A Great and Terrible Beauty

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Abi OshinsTake your average Victorian boarding school story, gossipy clique book, Gothic mystery, and dark fantasy. Mix them together and you'll end up with Libba Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty. The book features Gemma Doyle, age 16, from colonial India. After her mother's mysterious death, she is sent to Spence Academy in England, a finishing school for girls with an out-of-bounds east-wing that was destroyed by a fire. As Gemma settles into the academy, she finds herself in the company of popular Felicity, bedazzling Pippa, and plain Ann. She also starts having strange visions in her dreams leading her to a whole new world called the realms. Gemma shares the realms with her new friends but is warned to ignore both the visions and the realms by a mysterious boy by the name of Kartik.

Opposing Viewpoint: Balance the equation

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Lily SimonLately, I've been receiving all kinds of notices for PSAT tutors and classes in the mail. The focuses of the notices range from math to grammar to critical reading. Most of these PSAT classes are about $300 dollars each, yet the price seems to be drowned out by phrases like "The best set of formula sheets you will ever use" and " THE absolute BEST Math PSAT course anywhere."

Say hello to a new Halo

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Graham RobartAmid the new generation of video game systems, there are clear games that are gems and failures. One game, however, outshines the rest. Halo 3, released September 25 by Bungie for Microsoft's Xbox 360, has already begun to dominate the video game market. Halo 2 broke the then-record for 24-hour gross earnings for all entertainment releases. Yet Halo 3 smashed the previous record, grossing a whopping estimated $170 million in the first day alone. Halo 3 has also single-handedly doubled the sales of the Xbox 360 console. Sales began increasing a month before in

Ignored accomplishments

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Ally BernsteinWhile Al Gore recently won a Nobel Prize for his work promoting environmental awareness, he was not the only Peace Prize winner this year. The Air Force Wright Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio won a similar prize. The biggest difference is that the latter won their prize for suggesting the research and development of the “gay bomb. In theory, the gay bomb causes the enemy troops to become so overcome with sexual attraction for each other that they are unable to fight.

Burmese Monks march to the beat of Democracy

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Jason KuoSoldiers of a corrupt government have detained thousands of peaceful protesters. Monks, fearing for their lives, have fled for safety. Contact to the outside world has been cut off as foreign nations stand by impotently. Welcome to Burma. A military dictatorship, or junta, has ruled Burma for nearly two decades and has committed countless human rights abuses. Riddled with corruption, the Burmese, or Myanmar, government continually funnels money to its officials at the cost of the people.The latest massive tax increase to pay for a crooked raise in civil servant salaries sparked a peaceful pro-democracy protest led by Buddhist monks. Burmese Senior General, Than Shwe, responded violently; soldiers fired guns at the crowds and imprisoned key protest leaders.

Tech gets savvy

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Sidrah BalochShelley Chamberlain, the Director of Information Technology, established the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) in the fall of 2006 to address concerns about the aging technology in the Newton Public Schools. The committee, made up of teachers, administrators, and parents, strives to combine the interests, values, and technological expertise of Newton community members and educators in order to form and implement plans to improve the quality of technology in schools. The TAC is also responsible for advocating up to date infrastructure, including networks, computers, and software.

Students and survivors fight for Darfur

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Nathan YeoAt the age of six, Rosian Zerner had to fight for her life. A child of the Kovno Ghetto in Lithuania, Rosian spent the final days of her innocence hiding from Hitler's soldiers. By a stroke of luck, she escaped the Holocaust and was able to establish a new life in America. Today, Rosian resides in Newton. Haunted by the horrors of childhood, Rosian, now 72, joined survivors of other genocides from around the world to share their stories of survival and to call on others to help the victims of Darfur.
By Clara FradenNewton South girls' soccer tied the nation's best team, Acton-Boxboro, last Wednesday (1-1), after losing to them earlier in the season (4-0). "We knew it was going to be a different dynamic then last year," varsity goalie, Samantha Tye, said. "After our last game against AB though, our confidence was boosted and we realized how far we'd come."

Athletic Anecdote : One turn short

By Denebola | Published: October 2007
By Olga Golovkina"Numbers 140 through 160 to the starting line!" I quickly snapped off the ski bindings of my warm-up skis and hopped right on to my shiny "Atomics." Walking on my skis, I strapped on the handles of my poles. This was it. The fourth Junior Olympic Qualifier in Pineland Farms, Maine 7.5k classic. I shook out my arms. This was my last real chance to make the J2 Junior Olympic Team.

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