September 2007 Issue

Please Britney, Gimme Less!

By Denebola | Published: September 2007
By Kyra Shishko With school starting again and the weather changing, it truly is the season, the season for another half-hearted Britney Spears attempt at a comeback, that is. It has been almost a month since Spears last messed up. Thank goodness for the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). The VMAs, which took place on Sunday, September 9, featured Spears as the opening musical performance. The performance was meant to be a kickoff to the new and (hopefully) improved awards show, and a promotion for her new single, "Gimme More."  Not surprisingly, "Gimme More" is a digital mess of synthesized pop vocals and dull beats.

Fight for the Fifth District

By Denebola | Published: September 2007
By Rebecca Goldstein The Massachusetts fifth Congressional district will hold a special election on October 16 to fill the seat vacated by longtime representative Marty Meehan, who resigned from the House of Representatives on July 1. Meehan, who represented the fifth district for 14 years, left his seat to become chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Meehan graduated from the university in 1978. The fight for the seat, once thought to be a Democratic shoe-in, has become fierce. The Democratic candidate Niki Tsongas, widow of Paul Tsongas, held the Congressional seat in the fifth from 1974 to 1978, served as a Massachusetts senator from 1978 to 1984, and ran for president in 1992.

Athletic Anecdote: It’s tough being the “Little Giants”

By Denebola | Published: September 2007
By Max Pava defines athleticism as "physically active and strong" and "of or pertaining to athletes; involving physical skills or capabilities, as strength agility or stamina." Hmm, that definition does not apply to me in the least bit. Could I, Max Pava be unathletic? I can bench about 1/86 th of what Chris Kim benches. My 5'9" ish, potentially overweight fig ure doesn't quite lead to an explosion of nimbleness within me. And I can go up and down my staircase approximately twice before getting tired. WOW, I lack athleticism. Who would have thunk it?

Faculty Focus: Cindy Goldberg

By Denebola | Published: September 2007
By Claire Pezza and Julia Lytle Newton South ceramics teacher, Cindy Goldberg, is a dedicated member of the school community. She has taught ceramics at South for 11 years and spent her first year teaching a WISE class to seniors. "I loved it," Goldberg said. Goldberg spent her childhood growing up in Long Island, New York. She later attended the University of Hartford Art School. There, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and her certification to teach kindergarten through 12th grade.  She also went to the University of Massachusetts and got her masters degree in education administration, an accomplishment that would qualify her to become a principal.

Why leave Camp? Don’t you just love it!

By Denebola | Published: September 2007
By Lia Pagliuso Summer is over, but instead of the usual moans of protest about going back to school, most complaints were about leaving summer camp. Camp is a joyful place where everyone can take a break from the hard, tiring hours of school with people who they can relate to while participating in activities they love. Unfortunately, most camps have a maximum age requirement, and many high school students are now too old to return to camp. Although some ex-campers have the chance to become a CITs at their camps, the opportunity is often exclusive and sometimes even unavailable.

Opposing Viewpoint: Let my athletes go

By Denebola | Published: September 2007
By Tessa Ellis For most of my middle school and high school career I can recall announcements coming over the PA dismissing the athletic teams anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes early. I can also remember the groans from all the non-athletes in the class who knew that they had to sit there and wait until school actually ended.
By Christine Busaba It has been nearly 60 years since the creation of Israel and 40 years since the Six-Day War that gave all of Jerusalem to the Israelis. While to some this seems like distant history, for Sari Nusseibeh, a Palestinian from a prominent family in East Jerusalem, this history is all too real. Nusseibeh, professor and president at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, was pulled into a life of politics, following years of family involvement with the Palestinian cause. 

Art Focus: Jessica Lebovits

By Denebola | Published: September 2007
By Kayla Jackson "Now that I have been doing art nearly my entire life," senior Jessica Lebovits reflected, "I could never imagine not doing it." Lebovits draws, paints, sews, and knits, but her favorite mediums are photography and different forms of collaging (on canvas, journal covers, walls, etc). Lebovits has always been interested in photography, but was not seriously involved with it until her sophomore year at Newton South. Because Robert Bouchal's first year photography class is especially hard to get into due to lack of space, Lebovits was forced to wait to take the class until her sophomore year. Here, she met Bouchal, whom she greatly admires, respects and appreciates as a mentor. Other artistic influences in Lebovits' life include her very artistic mother, who has catered to Lebovits.

Brazil’s victory over Mexico is just a start

By Denebola | Published: September 2007
By Anusha Mookherjee On September 12, Brazilian and Mexican soccer fans packed Gillette Stadium for the North American Brazil Tour. The first half started off slowly until Mexico's Juan Carlos Cacho scored in the 43rd minute. In true Brazilian style Correa Kleber scored a goal two minutes later to end at half time with the score tied. Even through great defense from Mexico's goalie, Guillermo Ochoa, legendary midfielder Ricardo Kakà scored, pulling Brazil ahead. Brazil fell back again, however, when Blumer Elano got red carded. Then Brazil made a wise choice by substituting striker Alfonso Alves. Alves brought in fresh energy and scored the final goal in the last five minutes, making the final score 3-1, Brazil.
D: What camp do you go to? SR: I go to JCC Maccabi Camp Kingswood in Bridgston, Maine. I've gone for about seven years. D: How long did you go each summer? SR: I used to go for four weeks. Now that I was a counselor this summer, I went for eight weeks.

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