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Senior Sofya Rozenblat answers questions about her transition from camper to counselor.

Posted By Denebola On September 23, 2007 @ 9:30 pm In Centerfold | Comments Disabled

D: What camp do you go to?

SR: I go to JCC Maccabi Camp Kingswood in Bridgston, Maine. I’ve gone for about seven years.

D: How long did you go each summer?

SR: I used to go for four weeks. Now that I was a counselor this summer, I went for eight weeks.

D: Why did you choose Camp Kingswood?

SR: Basically, my parents chose it for me.

D: I sense a hint of resentment…

SR: No, not at all. I love Camp Kingswood! I wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else.

D: Why did you choose to become a counselor?

SR: I really wanted to give back to the new kids what the counselors gave me. I love camp so much, and I wanted to give them a reason to keep coming back just like my counselors gave me. Plus it’s a pretty big honor to be a counselor. You actually have to be asked to come back and be a counselor. I couldn’t turn that down.

D: What is the biggest difference between being a counselor and being a camper?

SR: As a counselor, you have real responsibility. It’s even different from being a counselor-in-training (CIT) because you have to learn that it’s not all about you anymore. It’s something that I really had to learn. Sometimes you won’t have fun, but it’s ok because the campers are having fun. In the end, it’s worth all the work and the bad pay because you have these great experiences.

D: Do you think it’s normal that a lot of people at South go to summer camp?

SR: Yeah. I also think it’s a good experience. You get to learn how to live somewhat on your own and how to take care of yourself. You also learn how to interact and mesh well with other people even if you aren’t terribly fond of them. I think it’s a good experience before college.

D: Do you ever meet your camp friends outside of the camp context?

SR: All the time! I love meeting my camp friends, but it can also be awkward. I once brought one of my friends from South with me to meet my camp friends. It didn’t go too well. It was just a very awkward experience.

D: Why do you think that is?

SR: Well, I think that people are different at camp. At camp I’m more open and easy-going. It’s a place where I can unwind. So my friends from South know me as a different person than who I am at camp. When I found out that a couple of kids from my camp go to South, I was worried because those are two separate parts of my life, and I feel like they shouldn’t combine.

D: What’s your favorite camp experience?

SR: It was actually during my CIT year. CITs serve food in the dining hall, and afterwards, they always go sit on these steps going to the second floor. It’s just a really special place for me. On our final night of camp, we all took pictures on the stairs. It was that moment where all my camp experiences sort of came together into this one moment. It was really powerful.

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