Rennovations and repairs update South

By Denebola
Published: September 2007

By Elissa Spinner

Over the summer, Newton South went through extensive repairs and updates to prepare for the arrival of students and teachers.

The ventilation system was updated, and attempts were made to repair leaks in the roof.

In addition, a $300,000 loan provided by Mayor allowed the school to caontinue its progress on the punchlista. While there has been major progress on the punchlist items, these changes will continue to occur as the year progresses.

To make school ventilation more energy-efficient, the system was thoroughly scanned for deficiencies. A computer system was installed that allows custodians to monitor the temperature in any given room from their office. This was part of the school’s project to new phones, theatre riggings, outside track repairs, ceramic room air purifiers, LCD projectors in the auditorium and lecture hall, and electrical grades. As the year advances, the rest of these items will be installed.

Currently, bronze Newton South High School signs are being put in place on the brick wall in front of the building.

“[The signs] are being fabricated and will be installed whenever they are ready, hopefully next month,” Black said.

Workers also repainted several walls and installed new locks.

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