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Opposing Viewpoint: No headstart on dismissal

By Denebola
Published: September 2007
By Harry Kaufer 

It’s last period and your focus is drifting as the biology lecture drags on. All of a sudden, fifteen some-odd track athletes jolt out of their seats and sprint towards the door. Any remaining concentration is lost and a strong feeling of contempt overcomes you. Playing a sport is an extra-curricular, meaning an activity that students take on in addition to school. Extra-curriculars should not interfere with class, and students should not be allowed to miss class because they have to play a sport.
There is only one reason why kids go to school, to learn. The aim of high school is to broaden academic horizons. School sports have nothing to do with a student’s education. Missing class to go play in a soccer game or run in a cross country meet is exactly the same thing as missing school to go play video games.

Nothing about a sports game will help a student in his or her studies. Newton South’s athletes should be students first. That means that every single minute of class should be considered more important than any athletic event.There is, however, always the issue of school spirit. A good sports team can help the school environment. When people are happier, they are more likely to be more productive in class.Yet this does not apply to the environment at Newton South; it should only apply at the college level where sports are more essential. High schools provide opportunities for sports simply for fun, whereas colleges make money from their athletic departments.

Newton South, being a high school and only having sports for enjoyment, should not let athletics interfere with education.

If the track meet is at 2:30 in the afternoon, then there is a very simple way to avoid missing class: Don’t go. There are plenty of track meets that the South team can attend. In the grand scheme of things, that one track meet at 2:30 does not matter.

School is more important. That goes for all the athletes out there, whether they play soccer, lacrosse, basketball, or tennis. If the only way to play in a game is to miss school, then don’t play in the game. Class time is far more important than any athletic event. Students should not be sacrificing their education in order to play a game.

As student -athletes, Newton South needs to put the classroom and their education above sporting events.


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