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Oktobterfest is wunderbar

By Denebola
Published: September 2007

By Ally Bernstein

October is lurking right around the corner in all of its cheesy and spooky glory. Pumpkins, costumes and bucketloads of candy await eager children at the end of the month. Yet before Halloween night is another celebration – Harvard Square’s annual event, Oktoberfest, this year taking place on Sunday, October 7.

Modeled after the two-week celebration that originated in Germany, Boston’s Oktoberfest is an annotated version of the original, yet it still attracts thousands of festival-goers every year with its street various forms of entertainment. Expect to see street performers of all shapes and sizes, a multitude of vendors with eclectic wares and crafts, and six stages featuring live entertainment. Oktoberfest is not for the weak of heart. A large emphasis is placed on traditional German food, but a larger emphasis is placed on traditional German drink, even in broad daylight.

Harvard Square hosts Boston’s biggest Oktoberfest celebration, but it is not the only one. Smaller Oktoberfests dot the city, although the Square admittedly boasts the best party for your money (it is free, after all).

So take a trip to Harvard Square on October 7 for something other than Urban Outfitters. The fun is only a few T stops away.

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