Lanham leaves, Perrin steps in as South’s new Athletic Director

By Andrew Klegman
Published: September 2007

When former athletic director Ron Lanham left Newton South High School at the end of last year, he left behind a gaping hole; luckily, the new Interim Athletic Director Scott Perrin filled that gap.

A true local athlete, Perrin grew up in Newton playing football, basketball, and baseball. He attended Newton South High School where he played football and lacrosse for the Lions, graduating in the class of 1988.  

A fter 10 years of work in high tech sales, Perrin returned to work at his Alma Mater as a teacher and a coach. He worked in the special education department while coaching the boys Junior Varsity lacrosse team.

Whether on the field or in the classroom, Perrin left a lasting impact on the students and players he mentored.

“Not only did [Coach Perrin] help improve our lacrosse skills, he also brought us together as a team.

By the end of the year, we all were having a great time everyday and looking forward to practice,” former JV lacrosse player Will Richardson said.

By combining his knowledge of the sport and his caring personality, Perrin created an enjoyable experience for all of the players on his team.

“He connected well with everyone,” Richardson said, “and was always there to make a funny joke.”

Coming into his fifth year as a teacher and a coach at Newton South, the 37-year old Perrin was asked to become the new athletic director, an opportunity at which he jumped.

In addition to his three boys at home, Perrin was now the ‘father’ of a new family at Newton South.

Now in charge of both the wellne ss and athletic programs at Newton South, Perrin certainly has his hands full, yet he faces his new job with great optimism, calling it an “exciting challenge.”

Perrin has big goals and expectations for the new school year. Entering the 2007-2008 season, Perrin has called for “clear communication from both the wellness and athletic programs,” hoping to “make them the most user friendly departments they can be.”

Under Perrin, athletics are off to a strong start and the wellness department also looks forward to another successful year.

Wellness teacher Alan Rotato ri had positive words for the new director: “Mr. Perrin was a good choice for the Interim Athletic Director because of his background and knowledge of the Newton Public Schools.”

With everyone viewing the programs so positively, things are certain to run smoothly in both the wellness and the athletics departments.

Another goal Perrin hopes to eventually achieve is the installation of turf fields at Newton South.

When asked about it, he responded, “We need [turf], it’s the right choice and it’s sad that it has taken so long to get this close to approval.”

Perrin, along with many members of the Newton South family, will be awaiting the final decision concerning the turf fields, which should be arriving soon.

Living around Newton South for almost a decade, Scott Perrin slid perfectly into the position of the athletic director.

He knows the school well, and his agreeable personality makes him a popular choice with everyone at Newton South.

While some may be sad to see him leave his teaching and coaching roles, they are happy to know that South athletics are in good hands.

“I think he will do great things for Newton South athletics,” Richardson said when asked how Perrin would fare as the Interim Athletic Directer.

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