In memory of a fallen hero: Warren J. Payne

By David Han
Published: September 2007

A small crowd of friends and family gathered at the Roxbury Teen Reach Center on September 7 to remember the life of fireman and Newton South parent Warren J. Payne.

Payne’s fellow West Roxbury firemen gave their respects in the memorial, reminiscing their experiences with him.“He was a sincere person, honest, hardworking,” firefighter Tommie Campbell said.

Payne became a firefighter in 1988 and worked on Ladder 25 alongside Campbell who worked on Engine 30 for more than 20 years. On August 29, he lost his life on duty.

Newton South Drugs and Alcohol Prevention counselor, Rich Catrambone, organized the event because he felt the Payne family has given a great deal to the community.

“Every little effort in our part is nothing compared to what firefighters and police do everyday,” Catrambone said.

Everyone taking part in the event let the Payne family know that they would not be alone through this tough time.

According to Teen Reach Center organizer, Chris Fortunato, the purpose of the event was “for the family to be with the people who care…and to let them know they are part of the community [which includes the] Fire department, police, PTSO’s, the schools, and us as a community center.

Everyone will still support them long after today.”

Campbell believed Payne was inspired to become a firefighter by a desire to help others.

“I think what basically inspires all of us to become firefighters is that we want to help, make differences, to be there whenever we need to,” Campbell said. The city of Newton will not forget Warren Payne’s dedication, love, and sacrifice for his community.

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