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Hempfest: dancing for drugs

By Denebola
Published: September 2007

By Michaela Jones

Boston’s official Hempfest celebration–also known as Boston’s Freedom Rally–celebration was held on September 15.

Early that day, thousands gathered at Boston Common. Near the Common at the Parkman Bandstand, live music overflowed into the surrounding Bostonß- area. Vendors of all sorts also packed the area, advertising items ranging from food to marijuana.

Hempfest is hosted by Mass Cann, an organization set out to legalize marijuanna. Every year the association sets up the event to bring together thousands of supporters fighting to make Massachussets a drug-legalized state.

The event brought together a wide range of artists. Musicians and painters who create drug paraphanelia came together not only to support the cause, but to display their artwork to the public.

Hempfest was intended to last from noon to six in the evening, but the police had other ideas. Officials who were there from the start of the event searched the designated area to make sure everything was “legal.” Thousands of drugs were confiscated and, despite the efforts of the concert to advocate the legalization of the drug, many were arrested that day for posession of the illegal substance.

Even with the arrests, Hempfest proved one thing right: drugs or not, hippies sure do know how to have a good time.

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