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Girl Talk, Girlfriend!

By Denebola
Published: September 2007

By Diana Burmostrovich

A biomedical engineer messing around on his laptop would probably be the last person anyone would want to see in concert.

Fortunately, Greg Gillis, also known as Girl Talk forgot about his day job and brought the noise to the Avalon club on September 14. Backed by his trusty and compact Dell laptop full of extremely random and upbeat samples, Gillis mixed away a smooth set.

The combination of Top 40 artists such as Soulja Boy, Lil’ Mama, Kelly Clarkson, and more mixed with old favorites such as Elton John and Notorious B.I.G made for a somewhat new, somewhat nostalgic performance.

Starting off with Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” the crowd became even more pumped than they were for supporters Dan Deacon and Simian Mobile Disco’s previous sets.

Throwing in some material from his 2006 album “Night Ripper,” Gillis sampled his own mash up “Bounce That” and “Double Pump,” but changed them up to create something new for the crowd.

The random offbeat choices didn’t hurt either. Mixing “Young Folks” by Peter, Bjorn and John with “Party Like A Rockstar,” and “Throw Some D’s” would probably seem very random to most, but these combinations actually produced funky, danceable music that everyone could enjoy.

The only downside to the show was the lousy atmosphere. The Avalon, a generally crowded club, was packed to the brim that night with sweaty hipsters, leaving practically no room to breathe.

As this was an all ages show, the older crowd got rowdier as the night when on. Things were thrown around, cords were pulled, and for the most part the concert was complete chaos.

Being jumped on, pushed to the ground, and hollered at by someone intoxicated was common place that night. But all the hype was half the fun of the show anyway.

It was clear that night that those who had attended had not come for just a traditional concert. They knew that they were in for a night full of heavy dancing, crazy atmosphere and an all-around good time provided by Girl Talk.

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