Brazil’s victory over Mexico is just a start

By Denebola
Published: September 2007

By Anusha Mookherjee

On September 12, Brazilian and Mexican soccer fans packed Gillette Stadium for the North American Brazil Tour. The first half started off slowly until Mexico’s Juan Carlos Cacho scored in the 43rd minute. In true Brazilian style Correa Kleber scored a goal two minutes later to end at half time with the score tied.

Even through great defense from Mexico’s goalie, Guillermo Ochoa, legendary midfielder Ricardo Kakà scored, pulling Brazil ahead.

Brazil fell back again, however, when Blumer Elano got red carded. Then Brazil made a wise choice by substituting striker Alfonso Alves. Alves brought in fresh energy and scored the final goal in the last five minutes, making the final score 3-1, Brazil. This is Brazil’s second win in the United States. Their first victory came when they beat the United States 4-2. Both teams played hard, though Brazil was not attacking as much and Mexico showed a surprising amount of energy in the beginning. Brazil had the advantage in the second half with their younger players to pull them to victory.

Both goalies also showed incredible skill, though Ochoa did not pull through with another victory, like he did when Mexico beat Brazil 2-0, in this year’s Copa America.

Copa America 2007 was held in Venezuela, and once again Brazil took the title. The Copa America is the main international football tournament in South America and teams from all over the world come to participate, including Bolivia, Japan, recently Canada and many more.

The Copa America is the oldest running soccer tournament in the world. Argentina, with 12 wins and Uruguay, with 11 wins, have been most successful in previous years.

Playing against Argentina, Brazil took the cup in a 3-0 win against their rivals. Mexico took third when they lost to Uruguay 3-1.

Mexico’s win in the Copa America against Brazil was what really fueled this game. Brazil’s energy and determination to win showed through out the game, and vice versa with Mexico. This rivalry made for a great match to watch.

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