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Book Review

Book Beat by Tong Tong

By Denebola
Published: September 2007

By Tong Tong

The book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer captures the life of Bella Swan, a girl who recently moves to the small town of Forks. Though her arrival is met with wide anticipation, Bella finds life in Forks tediously monotonous–until she meets Edward Cullen. With the cadences of an earlier century, Edward is clearly not ordinary in any sense of the word, as Bella soon discovers. Although Edward appears uncomfortable the first time they meet, he has an odd tendency to appear whenever Bella finds herself in trouble. Despite his behavior, Bella becomes strangely drawn to him. She eventually learns that Edward is a vampire and soon becomes involved in a chain of events that ultimately lead to a situation where her life is hanging in the balance.

Reading Twilight , I found many characters, including Bella and Edward, to be incredibly realistic, despite the sheer impossibility of the plotlines. The personalities of the characters develop effortlessly to the point where the reader is better able to grasp the depth of each decision the characters face. The dialogue between characters is equally impressive. Each aspect of the book seems cohesive, all functioning flawlessly in the grander framework of the story. Every detail, from how believable the plot seems to the complexity of characters, is impeccable and the book is well-written from beginning to end.

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