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Book Beat by Jesse Leuchtenburg

By Denebola
Published: September 2007

By Jesse Leuchtenburg

Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder tells the truly moving story of the life and works of Dr. Paul Farmer, an infectious diseases specialist who spends most of his time serving the poor in Haiti, Peru, and Russia. Farmer founded the Boston-based organization Partners in Health (PIH), which is works to combat tuberculosis, HIV, and other diseases around the world.

Farmer and PIH are truly unpretentious in their work; they actually go to the villages and prisons where people are sick and make sure that the communities have health care. Farmer believes that all people should have equal access to healthcare, and that they should be well cared for and nourished. He has made quite a bit of progress so far, though as the title suggests, there are still mountains beyond mountains.

As soon as Farmer solves one health crisis, thousands more spring up behind it. Farmer knows that he is fighting a losing battle, but perhaps if more people read this book and there is an increase in the awareness of the conditions, a more real, lasting change will be possible.

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