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Art Focus: Jessica Lebovits

By Denebola
Published: September 2007

By Kayla Jackson

“Now that I have been doing art nearly my entire life,” senior Jessica Lebovits reflected, “I could never imagine not doing it.” Lebovits draws, paints, sews, and knits, but her favorite mediums are photography and different forms of collaging (on canvas, journal covers, walls, etc).

Lebovits has always been interested in photography, but was not seriously involved with it until her sophomore year at Newton South. Because Robert Bouchal’s first year photography class is especially hard to get into due to lack of space, Lebovits was forced to wait to take the class until her sophomore year. Here, she met Bouchal, whom she greatly admires, respects and appreciates as a mentor. Other artistic influences in Lebovits’ life include her very artistic mother, who has catered to Lebovits.

Lebovits finds as much, if not more pleasure in the art process than in the completed result. “I obviously enjoy the type of art that I do and find it very therapeutic to take walks and shoot [photographs] put on music and paint or collage, or sit in the darkroom and print a picture I took.”

Photographers and other artists have an especially altered view of the world. Lebovits has noticed that she is more observant in noticing shadows, the harmony of colors, and lighting in a scene, as she would be when taking a picture. Even if she doesn’t have her camera handy, Lebovits continues to look at the world, “as though it were a carefully arranged photo or painting.” Photography offers new perspectives for Lebovits on everyday things.

Lebovits brings together all of the different types of art that she does when she collages. Lebovits clarified that her collages are not the “stereotypical mess of magazine cut outs. I use different mediums such as photos, paper, magazine/book cut-outs, maps, newspapers, cards, original photos, drawings, letters, beads, string, etc.” Lebovits even has a 2 by 3 foot canvas hanging on the wall of her room as a piece of art while it is worked into a finished collage. Her sophisticated work is a far cry from the traditional patchworks.

Lebovits is now taking Senior Photo (Photo 4) and doing an Independent Study in art, as well as pursuing her interests in guitar and writing.

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